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Greatness Clothed in Purple

In the Bible, the color purple represents royalty, priesthood and wealth. ”How Great is Our God” is an extravagant celebration for a victorious king who has conquered.

What Inspires you?

Where do you find your purpose?

See yourself as God sees you: Healthy & Victorious

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Get Fit.

Live your best life through fitness!

I can help you reach your fitness goals

Increase your Energy, Strength & Endurance
Lose Weight
Reduce Pain
Overcome Movement Restrictions

Enjoy an active lifestyle

Michelle using a green foam roller on the right hip

Foam Roll for Mobility

Foam roll muscles to release tension and decrease activity of overactive muscle fibers in the body. Reduce inflammation and pain and increase your flexibility.


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Give God the Glory

God is worthy of it all. He calls us to worship.

What is worship?

Worship is a lifestyle.

Michelle Barnes is the founder of Fitness for Worship
Michelle Barnes
Personal Trainer, Dancer, Worshipper

“My passion is to inspire you to live according to God’s vision for you. Health. Longevity. Worship.”

Every person has a God-ordained right to live healthy, affliction-free and fully mobile. Seize your pain-free wellbeing through fitness and bold confidence in the Truth.

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